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Biogas applications

For Biogas applications, InterApp Spain offers up to 4 different types of Rings based on NBR and FPM.

The type of ring suitable for the application is determined by the concentration of H2S contained in the Biogas:


- Nitrile Ring (N) – Suitable for Biogas with less than 1% H2S content up to 40ºC

- DVGW Nitrile Ring- Same functionality as conventional Nitrile but with DVGW gas approval

- Nitrile Ring (NH) – Nitrile modified for biogas with higher H2S content. It has a resistance 2 times higher than standard Nitrile.

- FPM VD Ring – This modified FPM based ring is suitable for applications where there is up to 20% H2S content (<40ºC)




- Desponia® and Desponia® plus, from DN 50 to DN 250

- Working pressure up to 5 bar

- They have passed the demanding requirements of EN 161

- They have obtained DVGW approval according to EN 161 Class A, valve group 2, safety class B.

- They comply with one of the most relevant fugitive emissions standards, TA-Luft / VDI 2440

- They can be supplied with ATEX execution.


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