Pre-engineered subsystems

We have a new development department, which has the mission to offer complete engineering solutions according customer requirements.  

We design and manufacture control panels tailor-made to meet with Customer needs, with a full warranty that covers the complete control system.

Arcamo specializes in the following areas:


Integration of instrumentation elements inside protective enclosures.

Material located in open air, are completely protected from corrosion with our protective enclosures. Arcamo performs the design, installation and assembly of the instrumentation inside the enclosure, including fittings and auxiliary material needed.

Thanks to heaters and/or coolers installations is possible to keep a controlled temperature inside the cabinet or the enclosure.


Sampling conditioning system

We realize the integration of components for sampling conditioning for further analysis into an analyzer or in a laboratory.

System design is adapted according project requirements.


Controls for pneumatic actuators

Custom solutions of control panels of pneumatic actuators are designed for high and low pressure.

We manufacture the actuator control with certifications, operation times and with the corresponding coupling for every pneumatic actuator.


Aeronautic field

Specialized in specific panels for aeronautic field. We develop solutions a wide range of applications. Test pressure equipments, inflated plane wheels equipment, etc.


Control panels for Special applications

Our Technical support team is specialized in design custom equipments. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any special application that requires a control panel.

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