Regulators, backpressure and pressure systems

Vacuum regulators, pressure, back pressure and vaporizers for all kinds of markets (industrial, laboratory, medical, analytical and pharmaceutical).

  • Range from vacuum to 1200bar and Cv from 0,01 to 10.
  • Material AISI 316L, brass, monel, hastelloy, titanium, etc.
  • New Special serie for Pharma & Biotech, with FDA certification.
  • Regulators and back pressures spring and piloted types, with ATEX certification, clean rooms versions and miniature.

Panels and automatic changes for special gas services in continuous operation, for different flows and for all kind of applications (blanketing, corrosive fluids or ultra-pure, with ZCR connections.

Regulators line in PVC, CPVC (Corzan ®), PP, PVDF (Kynar), and PTFE. Safety system FAIL-DRY ® patented, to be continued in case of system failures or breach. Included 3 years warranty.

Regulators line for pneumatic and hydraulic, in aluminum or stainless steel, and all kind of accessories (filters, gauges, fittings, etc.).

Regulators line and backpressures for sampling conditioning systems and water analysis. Pressure reducers type “Rod-in-Tube” with clean possibility without disconnection of the sampling line.

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