Available valves according standards DIN or ANSI, full or reduced bore, iron cast bodies, carbon steel or stainless steel (forged and/or cast), alloys, bronze or thermoplastic to cover all needs.

We can offer seats and seals in elastomer or metal for a wide range of pressures and temperatures.

From DN15 ( ½”) to DN3000 (120”)

Valves for critical services with operating temperatures from -196ºC to 950ºC and pressures until 400bar. Also available for acid solutions manual or actuated.

Different (functions/services/applications/objectives…):

  • Operation of the system
  • Isolate driving sections
  • Flow regulating
  • Pressure regulating
  • Overpressure and underpressure protection


Manual valves

  • Ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, male valves, safety valves and diaphragm valves.

Automatic valves

  • Control
  • Pneumatic, electrical, or hydraulic control
  • All kind of manual valves are automated



  • Y type filters, T type filters, basket filters, temporary filters and mud box strainers.
  • All connection types; threaded, flanged,…
  • Cast
  • Forged
  • Mechanically welded

Standards EN/DIN or ASME/ANSI       

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