H2 & Biogas Technology

We present the new ARCAMO GROUP company, H2 & Biogas Technology under the direction of Franz Bechtold as General Manager. H2Biotech is dedicated to the energy transition and decarbonization with hydrogen: -...

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Hy-Lok series 112 and 112s

ARCAMO GROUP present the valves of our represented Hy-Lok series 112 and 112s, which withstand pressures up to 3,000 psi (207 bar) with a maximum temperature for the 112 model of up to 65ºC and the 112S up to 149ºC. They are also...

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DBB & Ball valves Hy-Lok

DBB & Ball valves Hy-Lok Distribution Inc have been specifically designed to provide a compact installation of measuring instruments. With these valves, space, installation and costs are saved since using multiple valve systems reduces...

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Arcamo Group is part of the Andalusian Hydrogen...

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New catalogs

In ARCAMO GROUP we already have available the new catalogs, both the instrumentation, as well as the valves, equipment and hydrogen. This time separately to give more technical...

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New hydrogen division

Arcamo Group we have created the new division specialized in material for hydrogen: HRS (hydrogen refueling stations), special projects and mobility. For any need in hydrogen, contact with our team Franz Bechtold and Álvaro...

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Regulating equipment for continuous supply of SO2 for critical applications

Delivered one of our custom equipment. In this case, a regulating equipment for continuous supply of SO2 for critical applications, with security alarm. If you need to increase your security in your facilities, contact our technical department...

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Quick Couplings Hy-Lok

One of the most versatile products from Hy-Lok Europe BV: Quick Couplings. They are very easy to use, minimize equipment downtime, and no tools are required to make a connection. Used in sampling systems, equipment calibration, gas supply, and...

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Mc Millan

At Arcamo Group we started the year with a new representative for the entire Group, McMillan Flow Products. Manufacturer of flow measurement & control equipment, specialized in small flows. Do not hesitate to contact us for any need of...

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Happy Holidays


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Technical training for our customers

Arcamo we not only distribute Instrumentation and Valves material, we also do technical support, and that is why if you need a little training on our products, we offer them to our customers personally or virtually. In this case, Sandra Vidal,...

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Alcrys, new partner

We present ALCRYS Fluid-Control, our exclusive representative for ARCAMO GROUP. ALCRYS Fluid-Control's product is a complete solution for our customers who work with any type of gas, including hydrogen. It is a complete and very...

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Trunnion ball valves 1/2 "NPT, 15000 psi (1,034bar)

oday on World Hydrogen Day, the trunnion ball valves 1/2 "NPT, 15000 psi (1,034bar) of our represented Hy-Lok leave our warehouse. The trunnion valves have a special seal to be able to work with hydrogen at high Pressure. Some of them are...

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Hy-Lok Fitting Installation Tainers

This week we had the Hy-Lok team in our facilities to be able to officially accredit three of our technicians as Hy-Lok fitting installation Tainers. Congratulations team! If you need a professional fitting installation course to: - Improve...

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Horizontal actuated ball valve

About to deliver an actuated ball valve, this time horizontal instead of vertical, and also special for low temperatures (down to -46ºC). It is a ball valve from our represented Kitz "Iso" with a single acting pneumatic actuator and...

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We continues to expand our portfolio of represented with Intertec

Arcamo Group continues to expand our portfolio of represented by being distributors of Intertec, the world's leading manufacturer of unique systems to provide reliable protection of sensitive field-mounted instruments. Inadequate protection of...

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New represented JOKWAMG I.L.I.CO, LTD

Arcamo Group signs an exclusive agreement with JOKWAMG I.L.I.CO, LTD South Korean manufacturer of safety relief valves, which have the certifications: • Acquired ASME Sec. VIII “UV” STAMP (up to 6.000psig) for Pressure Vessel...

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Custom valves

An order has just come out from our warehouse for one of our customers with a variety of custom valves: - Stainless steel valves with silicone aluminum coating. - Carbon steel valves with C5 coating. - Kitz valve operated in Arcamo. At...

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Delivers InterApp valves

Today our InterApp full bore teflon ball valves with flanged ends and a 3-piece body for corrosive applications are leaving our warehouse. Body and flange ends in Carbon Steel 1.0037 / St 37 with Epoxy coating. Inner lining of the body and flanges...

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Customized equipment

Delivered new customized equipment for a project in UAE. At Arcamo we design unique paneling systems according to the needs of our customers to give them the best...

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Equipment in profile

Last equipment manufactured by Arcamo for a xenon application, for this occasion made in profile. We have all the solutions to carry out the necessary equipment for our costumers. Arcamo adapt to any...

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We have all the rotameters of our partner ABB ready to serve a project awarded in Middle...

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If what you need is a butterfly valve, InterApp is the leading manufacturer of this product and Arcamo Group distributes it throughout its group, Spain, Portugal and Mexico. In Interapp portfolio of butterfly valves you will find: •Concentric...

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These are the new ball valves HTC ¾ NPT PEEK of our parnter HY-LOK, CNG-LNG for high pressure with single-acting actuator that we have assembled in our Arcamo facilities and that have been tested and supplied for a new...

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Arcamo Group know that EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE WELL, that is why we are taking the protection and prevention measures recommended by the authorities, working in teams, most of them from home and taking turns in order to offer our services to...

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Arcamo Group EIFS 2020

Tomorrow 18th and Wednesday 19th you will find us at the EIFS2020, the First Iberian Meeting on Supercritical Fluids. There they will be part of our commercial team for Spain and Portugal, our technical director and our supercritical expert. We...

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New brand VASTAS

Since 1945, VASTAS manufactures gate, globe and check valves, in compliance with an extensive range of certifications and approvals with customers in more than 70 countries worldwide. The factory located in Turkey, is one of the most important valve...

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Welcome to Arcamo Group

Due to the strong growth experienced in recent years, Arcamo Controls, S.A has opened two new branch offices; one in Portugal (Arcamo Portugal, Lda) and another in Mexico (Arcamo Mexico, SA de CV). Our objective is continue to grow and improve...

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PRESSURE-TECH has a world renowned reputation for innovative products and high quality to control pressure for gases and...

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Thanks for visiting us in Expoquimia 2017!

We want to thank all the customers, suppliers and friends that came to visit us in our EXPOQUIMIA stand. For us, the fair has been a success, in which we have been able to show all our branches and our dedication that all ARCAMO team do every day to...

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Pleased to inform that ARCAMO will participate in the next EXPOQUIMIA Exhibition to be held at Fira Barcelona. Visit us at our stand located in Pavilion 2, Level 0, Stand...

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New distribution, General Instruments

General Instruments is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of instruments for process control, with an experience of over 4 decades in the field of design, manufacture and export control instruments for primary processes covering engineering...

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New distribution, Steam Equipment

With 20 years of experience working in different instrumentation industries, Steam Equipment has become a manufacturer leader in systems of water analysis and steam, in sampling systems of gas and heat tracing by steam, in cooling systems (Chillers,...

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Visit the new official website of Hy-lok

Hy-lok corporation has understook the need and expectations of customers and has developed a new website more dynamic and with a user friendly interface. This new version of the website, offers the possibility of dowload catalogs, drawings 2D and...

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True Blue Butterfly Valves

Plast-O-Matic has introduced new Series BF Multipurpose Butterfly Valve, featuring a rugged, one-piece molded body.  Designed for ANSI B16.5 Class 150 flange installation, this workhorse is the first Plast-O-Matic Butterfly Valve to carry...

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ARCAMO CONTROLS, S.A has moved out to a new location

Since 22nd of December 2014 ARCAMO CONTROLS, S.A has moved out to a new location: Pol. Ind. Riu Clar. C/ del Coure Parcela 167 43006 Tarragona All phone numbers, e-mail addresses and website have been updated. This change has been made to...

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TESCOM 50-4000 Series

We're pleased to announce the release of the TESCOM 50-4000 bypass regulator.  The 50-4000 was designed with an integrated bypass to provide accurate and consistent pressure control performance, even in the most demanding ultra-deepwater...

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Arcamo Controls, distributor of PLAST-O-MATIC

Arcamo Controls, has signed an agreement with the American company PLAST-O-MATIC for distribution in Spain and Portugal. Manufacturer of thermoplastic valves, regulators, and fittings for corrosive and ultra-pure liquids in PVC, CPVC,...

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