Traced multitubes and tubes

Steam traced tubes, electrical traced tubes, polytubes, high temperature preinsulated tubes (seamless or welded) in Tp-316, Copper, Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel, PTFE and PFA.

  • Preinsulated tube
  • Electrical traced tube
  • Steam traced tube
  • Polytubes
  • Cryogenic traced tube

Process tube (seamless or welded, stainless Steel 316, copper DHP 122 or PFA). Thermal isolation with inorganic glass fibers moisture resistant.

PVC Jacket (unleaded), to isolate room temperature.


New: Cryogenic trace tube

Flexible PVC jacket is combined with an insulation material to protect from water and heat, that offer thermal and physics in same traced tube. The jacket combined with the insulated cover guarantees that any bacteria or contaminant grows under the jacket.

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