Valves / Butterfly valves


PTFE-lined centric butterfly valve. Field of application: Shutoff and control service for corrosive and aggressive fluids as well as high-purity ones.

  • Body types B1 Wafer DN32-600 / B3 Lug DN32-400 / B4 U-section DN450-900
  • Body width According to ISO 5752/20 EN 558-1/20
  • Top flange According to EN ISO 5211
  • Max pressure 16 bar (DN32-150), 10 bar (DN200-300) / 6 bar (DN350-700), 2.5 bar (DN750) / 6 bar (DN800-900)
  • Flange types PN10, PN16, ANSI cl. 150 AS 2129 table D + E, JIS 10K and others.
  • Tº range -20ºC +200 ºC according to working conditions, other temperatures on request.

Testing during production Disc and seat liner porosity tests according to DIN EN 60243-1. Test certificate available on request. Tightness according to EN12266-1/P12, grade A.

The butterfly valves meet the safety requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EG for group 1 and 2 fluids. / Bianca valves can be used in safety-related systems according to IEC 61508/61511. Safety Integrity Level SIL 2. / Special versions of the Bianca valve can be installed in explosion-risk areas. ATEX version.