Valves / Butterfly valves


Triple offset metal to metal seat butterfly valve Titania is specially designed to ensure a perfect tightness in steam, gas, chemical, petrochemical and cryogenic applications.

  • Body types T1 Wafer, T3 Lug, T8 Flange
  • Face to face dimension PN10/16/25/40 according to EN558-1 ANSI cl.150/300 according to EN558-1 Table 16 for T1 Wafer and T3 Lug Table 13 for T8 Flange
  • Top flange According to EN ISO 5211 EN ISO 5211
  • Rating PN10/16/25/40, ANSI cl.150/300
  • Max. working pressure 50 bar
  • Temperature range -196°C ... +700°C according to material
  • Tightness test According to API 598
  • FIRE SAFE design According to BS 6755 part 2-87, with amendment 2
  • ATEX option Execution according to ATEX 2014/34/EC, Zone 1 and 21 – Gr II, Cat. 2 G/D

The butterfly valves TITANIA meet the safety requirements of the pressure Equipments Directive 2014/68/EC (PED) appendix 1 for fluids of the groups 1 and 2.


50 bar