Flow indication

Flowmeters of variable area for gases, liquid and steam measurement. The easy read and direct system, independent of any external power and the variety of versions make this flowmeters the right solution for measurement of fluids for any industrials process. 

Metal cone:

  • Flow range 0,1… 120.000l/h (Qv) of water  o 0,008…3.600m3/h (Qn) of air.
  • Stainless Steel sensor
  • Alarm contacts
  • Output signal 4…20 mA


Glass tube:

  • Flow 0,002… 17.600l/h of water or 4cm3/min…520Nm3/h of air at 1,013 bar (a) and 0ºC
  • Visual flow control
  • Alarm contact


There are a variety of available connections (threaded or flanged) as well as various construction materials, from glass to steel in different alloys.

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